Let Us Pamper Your Pets


Just as we feel most comfortable in our own homes, our pets do too. We want to help minimize the stress of you being gone, for both you and your pets, by providing quality time with them. We'll do our best to keep to their same routines, as well as giving them the love and personal attention they deserve. We want them to feel loved and happy! 

Most of our clients ask if they can call to check on their pets. YES! We also love to take pictures and videos of your pets to share with you! If you like, we can stay in touch with each other while you're gone through texting, phone calls, Facebook or email. Otherwise, look forward to seeing an album of what we did when you get home. 


We have a growing group of clients in Conway, Arkansas and the surrounding areas. 


If you'd like to be put directly in touch to chat with some of our current or past clients, please let us know and we'll be happy to connect you!


For Pet Care Services - We offer daily walks, daily pet sitting, weekend visits, night visits, overnight stays and live-in's. We take care of a variety of pets ranging from dogs & cats to reptiles & birds with a little bit of everything in between. Well, except for a capybara. We don't have one of those yet ;) 

For Dog Training - We offer in your home classes where you'll learn to more effectively communicate with your dog. Your instructor has a passion to help grow the trust and relationship between you and your pet. Not only will you learn how to teach your dog everything from the basic sit-stay to waiting at open doors, but you'll also learn how to read his body language and how he is communicating with you.  

This is me, Ms Mary, with my rescued American Staffordshire Terrier, Sox. Am Staffs are one of the breeds classified as "pitbulls". Before I got her, I believed all the myths being propogated about them. She has completely changed my mind. 

I had heard the stories about how grateful rescued dogs could be, but figured they were made up stories. But Sox has shown me in a number of ways that she's thankful and happy ♥


I've been blessed to take care of several other wonderful pitbulls in the last few years and I would never have gotten to meet them if it hadn't been for her. Here are just a few of them :) 

Clown Bella, Couch Potato Brodie, Sox and her friend, Lucy, and Riley with those adorable ears! 



Complimentary Services For Our Clients 


If you want, we will collect your mail and newspapers, turn lights off and on in your house, turn on and off the TV or a radio, take out your trash and recycle barrels, and water plants in containers (as long as you give us details about the specific plants and how to take care of them - we'll be sad if they die but we're not liable if they do.) 



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